7 Free Ways to Get Visitors to Your New Website

7 Free Ways to Get Visitors to Your New Website

“How do I drive more traffic to my website?”

That’s probably a question that’s crossed your mind more than once.

Whether you’re looking for ways to attract your business’s very first customer or interested in finding out how to reach your 1,000th, driving traffic to your website is an important part of scaling your business.

More website traffic means a bigger reach of your target audience and, in return, more revenue.

To cut through the clutter and be seen, you need to understand some basic principles that will help you create authority in your market and drive traffic to your website over time.

Increasing Website Traffic to Your Site

You should first be asking yourself these main questions:

  • Do I have a good product/service?
  • Is there a large enough target market for my business?
  • What do I offer that’s different than my competitors?
  • Do I have a compelling brand story?
  • Are there multiple ways I can reach potential customers?

Here are 7 free ways you can drive traffic to your website.

1. Write Great Content

Content will always be king. As long as you have great content on your website or blog, you'll keep the visitors coming back. Note: The better and more entertaining or educational your content is, the more engaged your visitors will be. That means they’ll probably share your content for you, which helps promote your brand for free. Cha-ching!

2. Answer Questions About Mobile Detailing on Quora

Quora is an amazing platform for driving traffic to your website. When you answer questions on here and link the correct keywords to content on your website or blog, people will turn to you as a trusted expert. When answering, make sure you provide detail and that you actually know what you’re talking about.

3. Create YouTube Video Tutorials

Want to drive free organic traffic to your website? YouTube is a great place to start. Gaining exposure on YouTube could be huge for your business. By creating informational tutorials and videos, you’ll be offering a ton of value to your target audience. Just be sure to link all of your content in the description to your website.

4. Get Social On Instagram

If you’re not already marketing your business on Instagram, you’re missing out. Instagram is the best place to connect with customers and drive valuable traffic back to your website. There are plenty of people who have built multi-million dollar businesses simply by marketing on Instagram.

5. Leverage Email Marketing

Email marketing is another smart way to generate website traffic, as well as promote any deals or specials. However, that means you have to have a subscriber list to market to. If you haven’t already done so, create a lead magnet and sales funnel to build up that list so you can begin marketing to them and getting people familiar with your services!

6. Create a Free Google My Business Listing

Did you know that by creating an optimized Google My Business listing that you could be getting 7x more website visits than your competitors who don’t? Your listing links directly to your website, so this is an awesome way to get free traffic.

7. Perform On-Page SEO

There are plenty of SEO strategies you can perform on each of your website’s pages to increase their rank in search engines like Google. This is one of the number one ways to get more visitors. You’ll need to product high-quality, engaging content that your target audience is searching for and write concise meta description for your pages. The meta description is what appears below your website URL in search results. While performing SEO is free, it does take some time to do it right.