Auto Detailing Photography Tips to Get More Customers

Auto Detailing Photography Tips to Get More Customers

In the past few years, the mobile detailing business has become extremely competitive. As a small business owner, when you are trying to attract new clients, you want to make a good first impression. One of the best ways to do that is with a photography portfolio that provides an authentic, in-depth look at the services your mobile detailing business offers.

Think of your photography portfolio as a marketing brochure that features the services you are selling. By showcasing your business’s abilities, your photography helps your customers and prospects understand the range of services you provide and puts you ahead of the competition.

Mobile detailing photography exterior wheels

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to create stunning photos for your mobile detailing business. It is really all about documenting your overall process and services. Many mobile detailing businesses rely on stock photography to use on their website and social media. Stock photography is not only expensive, but it does not give prospective clients proof that you know what you are doing. When someone sees real photos of the work you have done, that builds trust.

Quality photos are a big deal when it comes to building your mobile detailing business’s brand, especially online. Whether your main traffic source is your website, social media, or print marketing materials, taking the time to showcase what your company can do is worth it.

Here are a few auto detailing photography tips to help you attract more clients.

Choose the Right Equipment

Photography equipment

While it is perfectly fine to take photos with your smartphone, it is highly recommended that you pick up a DSLR camera if you’re planning to shoot photos regularly (if you don’t already own one).

It makes a big difference when capturing close-up shots, including zooming in on fine details like scratches. Regardless of which device you choose to use when taking photos for your mobile detailing business, lighting is everything. You may also want to consider getting a lens hood (helps reduce glare), a polarizer, a light bar, and a 24-77-millimeter lens. Natural light is typically best for photographing cars unless you are familiar with indoor lighting.

Capture Photos Featuring the Mobile Detailing Services You Offer

Mobile detailing photography

Does your company specialize in scratch removal? Interior cleaning? Take photos of the process from various angles – from close-ups of scratches being polished out to a filthy carpet being cleaned. Before and after shots are great to include on your website’s services menu. That is where you can showcase a step by step process (with photos) of the type of mobile detailing services you offer.

While you are at it, take photos of your mobile detailing crew, equipment, and actions like spraying down a vehicle. These kinds of shots are great to use when building your brand and getting people familiar with your services and who you are as a company. Showcasing your crew detailing various parts of a vehicle gives potential new customers an idea of the level of detail and value your services offer.

When taking photos of a customer’s vehicle, you should always get their permission first and avoid capturing the license plate.

Shoot Vehicles from Different Angles

Car interior photography

The best way to photograph cars is to shoot from what is called the front 1/4 or 3/4 position. For example, when shooting a vehicle in the front 1/4th position, you would capture 1/4 of the car (front and partial side).

Other angles to consider:

  • Close-up of headlight, hood, wheels, and engine bay
  • Before and after scratch removal
  • Front of the hood
  • Perspective shot of the entire vehicle from above
  • Before and after of a carpet cleaning

Successful mobile detailing businesses are built on reputation and trust, and photography is a great way to show potential customers that your company takes pride in its work. Taking photos of the services you offer is a simple, affordable way to promote your mobile detailing business. Get ahead of your competition today and elevate your brand to attract more customers!