Here Is Why Having a Domain Name Is So Important

Here Is Why Having a Domain Name Is So Important

What is a domain name and why is it important? Do you really need a domain name? This is something that many small business owners ask themselves. Navigating the world of domain names can be a daunting task if you're not up to speed on what a domain name is or how exactly to get one.

Knowing what a domain is goes a long way when it comes to setting up your business — and online presence — for success. If you're interested in using your brand or business's website to increase sales, you're going to want to make sure to carefully select your domain name. It's one of the most important things for your visitors (potential customers) to know and remember.

Your domain name plays a huge role in growing your brand.

So, What Is a Domain?

Simply put, a domain name is the physical name of a website. Every web address on the internet has a domain name that's unique to that particular site. It is a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols someone types into their browser to directly access a web address. For example, if you wanted to visit Amazon's website, you couldn’t access it by typing “Amazon” in your browser — that would simply provide you search results for “Amazon” and would not take you to the actual website. Instead, you'd need to type in the domain name “” in the browser to navigate to Amazon's website.

Domain names can only be accessed and used by the domain owner, known as the domain name registrant. When you register your chosen domain name, you most likely will see offers to purchase other versions such as .net or .co. However, for small businesses purchasing any extensions other than .com isn't necessary unless you're patenting something or protecting a trademark.

For a business like yours, selecting a domain name that is identical to your company's name is the best way to direct customers to your site and avoid any confusion. Typically, the first thing your potential customers will do when searching for your services is do a web search. If your website isn't relatively easy to find, they'll most likely do business with a competitor who has a more distinctive online presence.

From a marketing standpoint, you can create a lasting and reputable brand image with the right domain name.

Benefits to Having a Strong Domain Name

  • Adds credibility to your business.
  • Separates you from your competition.
  • Provides visibility for your brand. A strong domain name will create awareness and attract customers.
  • Helps your business claim its territory online.
  • Increases your search engine ranking. As you build your business and develop your website with quality content, your domain name will become more and more recognizable in search engines like Google, which draws more customers in your direction.
  • Provides your brand with marketability in a local region.

Domain vs. Website — What’s the Difference?

It's easy to confuse a domain and a website. Even though both terms are closely related and sound like they represent the same thing, when it comes to the context of the internet they are very different.

A domain is the series of characters you type into your web browser to access a website, which is the result you land on once you visit the domain. A website lives on a domain and is what provides the front-end user experience once you visit a particular domain. For example, if you have a website it's what a person sees when they visit your domain name.

Your domain name is a huge part of branding your company, and it must be done right.

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