Naming Your Business

Naming Your Business

Your first business decision when deciding to run an auto detailing business is coming up with a name. Your business name needs to describe what you do. There are numerous important facets of a business name. You want a business name that is:

  • Is easy to remember, spell, and write
  • Describes what you do for customers
  • Has the domain name available
  • Can be easily found in an online search
  • Is available to register with your state.

Having a business name that is easy to remember, spell, and write is important because you want to make it easy for clients to remember your business and to refer people to you. Using your name as part of your business is one of the best ways to create a memorable business name (e.g., if your name is George, you could make the business name “George’s Detailing Service”). If your first name is complicated or has multiple spellings (i.e., Christopher, Cristopher, or Cristofer), your last name might be a better choice. The final major benefit of using your name as part of the business name is when you introduce yourself, you are also introducing your business.

A business name that describes what the business does is another way to help clients remember your business. If you use “George’s Detailing Service,” potential clients know what service you offer. The name also does not pigeonhole you necessarily, into one niche. If you begin detailing cars and later want to branch out into RVs, this business name allows you to accommodate such growth.

Legally, you will want to verify that you can use the business name you have chosen. For your respective state, search the Secretary of State’s database for your state and subsequently if your name is registered in your state. You will want to complete this step before you order business cards or buy your domain. Once you confirm the business name you have chosen is not used by any other business, you can move forward with developing your online business tools like your website.

Clients expect you to have a website. It is best if your website matches your business name. Using the example of “George’s Detailing Service,” search Google Domains and use the free checker to see if the domain name is available. Other suggestions for potential names to choose from will populate. If you find the “.com” is taken, check for a “.net.”

Next, register your auto detailing business with Google Places. This will allow your business to show up when search Google for “Auto detailing in San Diego.” This step is important to the growth of your business and online presence.

Following these steps will help ensure that your business gains exposure.